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The Java client library for the AdWords API makes it easier to write Java clients to programmatically access AdWords accounts. The client library is provided in a single jar file that contains all the Axis jars and pre-compiled stub classes needed to write Java clients.


You can use the demo programs in the examples directory provided with the distribution to get started writing your own client. They run out of the box, you just need to create a credentials file in ~/adwords.properties, using the adwords.properties file sample provided with the distribution.

Adwords API Client is distributed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

For downloads, news, and other information, visit our Project Page


For information on how to use the AdWords API Java client library, look at the Javadocs. It is also present in the docs/javadocs directory of the client library distribution. For more information about the AdWords API in general, read the Developer Guide at http://www.google.com/apis/adwords/developer/


The samples in the examples directory show how to use each service. You can browse their latest version in the project's subversion repository.



For downloads, visit our Project Page


See the Project Page for news archives.

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